US Visa Application in Thailand

Generally, a Thai citizen who wishes to enter the United States must first obtain a US visa in Thailand, either an immigrant US visa for permanent residence or a nonimmigrant US visa for temporary stay. Thai citizens may be able to visit the United States without a visa under the US Visa Waiver Program. Below are the possible types of US Visa a Thai citizen can apply for in Thailand.

K1 Visa Thailand

The K-1 fiancee visa permits the foreign citizen or Thai fiance(e) of the US citizen to travel to the United States and marry his/her U.S. citizen fiance(e) within 90 days from entry.

K3 Visa Thailand

A K3 visa Thailand is for foreign or Thai citizens who are already married to their US citizens partner and wish to enter the US as a non-immigrant. Once they enter the US, they can apply and adjust their status as lawful and permanent US residents.

US Tourist Visa

You need to obtain a US Tourist visa in Thailand if you wish to visit the US. This type of US visa is issued to people or Thai citizens whose purpose of visit to the United States is just temporarily.

CR-1 and IR-1 Visas

CR-1 visa and IR-1 visa in Thailand are type of US visa that are used by Thai spouses of US citizens and their immediate relatives to enter the country. If you have been married for less than two years, you need to obtain the CR-1 visa.

How many times can you
apply for a K1 Visa?

Under normal circumstances, the best option for you is to apply for a single K1 visa only even if it is possible to apply for more than one. This is so because the US Immigration may have doubt on your real intentions if your applications come in multitude.

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US K1 Visa Thailand

US K1 Visa in Thailand allows you as an American to take your Thai fiancé/fiancée
to the United States with the intention to get married when in the United States.

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